Would you like to contribute to a mission driven opportunity? Join us and be a part of building something big!


We are excited to announce a national social organization dedicated specifically for first generation college students and alumni!

One important thing we learned over the years is that no one is successful alone. We are offering you an opportunity to help us build the foundation of the National Leadership Society of First Generation College Students, a.k.a. FirstGen Society. 

The Founding Membership is a limited time offering to be the first to join our Society. Not only will you enjoy exclusive Founding Member perks, but you will also contribute to building an incredible community where we can inspire growth, empower others, and connect first generation college students and alumni together on a national level!

We are currently seeking engaged and interested first generation college students and alumni from all walks of life who share our vision, would like to get involved in our mission, and help build the foundation of FirstGen Society.

If you are a first generation college student graduate or future graduate and are interested in becoming a Founding Member, please visit our Join Us page to learn more.

As a benefit of your membership, Founding Members will receive the following:


  • Hold a special member designation as a Founding Member
  • Receive a Lifetime Membership
  • Included in the Founding Member listing on our website 
  • Invitation to the Founding Member engagement meetings
  • Belong to the FirstGen Society Founding Member social media group
  • Belong to a unique community and network
  • Receive a Founding Membership Certificate
  • Opportunity to participate in an unofficial advisory counsel to help shape the foundation of FirstGen Society
  • Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others
  • Access to exclusive member benefits, discounts, content, and events