The core mission of the National Leadership Society of First Generation College Students, a.k.a. FirstGen Society, is to foster the success of first generation college students and alumni by providing our members with lifelong fellowship, community, and friendship, and a sense of individual and unified purpose and pride where we can connect, empower, and grow together.


FirstGen Society will be essential to the first generation college student community by providing a national network and community where we can provide our members with opportunities to participate, lead, volunteer, network, build lifelong friendships, and encourage faculty-student interaction which helps connect them to their institutions and communities. FirstGen Society will also support the mission of colleges, universities, and other organizations that serve the first generation college student community through partnerships and collaboration.



Our purpose is to foster lifelong friendship, community, and opportunities for first generation college students and graduates to engage, build confidence and leadership as well as reach personal growth and success together through shared experiences and identity. In addition, we support and partner with organizations that serve the first generation college student community.



Education >> 

Education is the compass that drives our purpose. Education is something obtained, but can never be taken away from you or erased. It can offer access to new opportunities that can transcend a person academically, morally, intellectually, economically, and professionally. We obtain knowledge through our own personal experiences and in-classroom and out-of-classroom learning. We encourage our members to continue a lifetime of learning whether in the classroom or beyond.

Empowerment >>

When someone is empowered, they have the ability to accomplish something, giving them the confidence needed to succeed. Empowerment is the key to future development and inspiring leadership. Through empowerment, we hope to inspire generosity, leadership, and compassion for our members to empower others and to pay it forward so that we can continue to create positive outcomes in individual lives and in our communities. 


Leadership >>

The best leaders lead from a position of their true selves in a way that is genuine and authentic. First generation college students already are remarkable leaders for being the first in their families to embark college. We encourage our members to find their voices and become authentic leaders by owning their own stories, having the courage to embrace themselves, and being understanding and compassionate of others. 


Friendship & Community >>

Being part of a community where you can establish and nurture lifelong friendships is key to growth, learning, teamwork, and providing a strong support system. The benefits of friendship and community can help increase engagement, motivation, commitment, support, and collaboration. A community that works together well, bonds and performs well and helps them to know their purposes and how they can go about achieving it together.  


Inclusion >>

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are part of our DNA. Together we can continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, provides a sense of belonging and equal access to opportunities, as well as celebrates the diverse voices and perspectives of our members. It drives our innovation and connects us closer as humans and in the communities we serve. 


Accountability >>

Acting responsibly with regard to choices, decisions, and behaviors helps to strengthen trust and maintain our integrity.