Membership dues and club and chapter fees will vary based on the different member grades and the chapter or club that the member is affiliated with.

Membership dues are available once you join us online through our "Join Us" Portal. 

Members can elevate to the next member grade. Advancing your member grade is a great way to show recognition of your accomplishments during your collegiate journey.



Founding Member>>

Founding Members are a unique group because they are the first set of members to help establish and build the foundation of FirstGen Society. They are lifetime members and hold a special designation of membership.


Junior Member >>

A high school student during their freshmen through senior year can join membership as a Junior Member. Junior Members can join membership through their high school or through their student organized group referred to as “Student Clubs” at their high school. 

Junior Members do not pay for individual membership, however, if they want to start a Student Club at their school, there is an annual chapter fee that covers the cost of certain materials for its Student Club members.


Member >>

An active part-time or full-time student in college registered as an undergraduate student can join membership as a Member. Members can join membership online or through their student organized groups referred to as “Collegiate Chapters” on their campus. Members pay a one-time membership fee that covers their membership period during the time they are an undergraduate student until they graduate with a bachelor's degree or equal to up to 6 years holding the Member grade status.

Any person who wishes to continue their membership at the Member grade status after the 6-year membership period expires, will need to rejoin and remit their membership fee, allowing them to be able to continue as an active Member during their undergraduate program or equal to up to another 6-year membership term. 


Professional Member >>

A Professional Member is a bachelor-holding first generation college student alumnus who has earned their bachelors degree. The Professional Member grade will allow you to continue to be connected with a lifetime membership, have access to career and professional development resources, invitations to special exclusive member events, and the opportunity to give back to other first generation college students seeking a degree. 


Associate Member >>

Though FirstGen Society is focused on first generation college students, there are no restrictions to being a member of FirstGen Society. Any person can become a member by simply showing up at a meeting and expressing interest in a student club or chapter or by joining membership online. If a person is not a first generation college student or is a professional that works in higher education or in an organization that serves first generation college students and would like to join and support our mission and cause, they can join as an Associate Member.

The Associate Member grade is continuous on an annual membership renewal basis.

Therefore, membership grade elevation to the Professional Member grade status is not available at the Associate Member grade level.




Junior Member to Member >>

Junior Members can elevate to the next grade of membership, which is Member, if they have been accepted to a 2-year or 4-year accredited college, and must remit a one-time membership fee to hold a Member grade status.


Member to Professional Member >>

Upon graduating from their undergraduate degree program, Members can elevate their membership grade to Professional Member by showing proof of their graduation approval at their school, a copy of their completed undergraduate degree transcripts, or a copy of their undergraduate diploma and must remit a one-time membership fee to hold a Professional Member grade. A Professional Member grade holds a lifetime membership.