When you face the challenges of being the first in your family to attend college, we understand you shouldn't have to do it alone.

My name is Anthony Surratt and together with my wife, Emily, we were inspired to start a new venture with a social mission dedicated to helping first generation college students. 

As a former first generation college student, I understand the challenges and anxieties that first-gen college students experience. I have served in higher education for over 20 years in the areas of Enrollment Management, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrars, New Student Programming, Orientations, Residence Life, as well as leadership. 

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have recognized there are a lot of valuable and beneficial resources and programs available to first-gen college students. However, many of them operate in silos and are only unique and available to a particular college or local area. So, we thought what if we could connect first generation college students and colleges on a broader scale while aligning various resources and programs together through one central platform.

With that idea in mind, Emily and I took the liberty to learn more about first generation college students. In our research, we discovered that many first-gen students do not obtain the necessary and fundamental accumulated knowledge or cultural capital that one needs in order to set basic expectations of college and be better prepared for college. This in turn, affects the student's experience, expectations, and commitment, making the first year of college a critical one to the student's success.

To address this concern, we came up with the idea of creating a national organization unique to first generation college students where we could connect first-gen college students and alumni across the country through organized chapters and clubs. In doing so, we can create social and leadership opportunities that drive engagement, improve cultural capital, and provide a sense of community and pride among first-gen college students and graduates.

And so together, we co-founded and created the National Leadership Society of First Generation College Students, a.k.a. FirstGen Society! FirstGen Society strives to foster the success of first generation college students during their collegiate journeys and throughout their careers.

Our vision is to create a national network and a lifetime of fellowship and community where we can provide first-gen college students and alumni with opportunities to connect, empower one another, and grow together.

We welcome you to FirstGen Society!

From our shared vision to yours,